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I'm back shitbags   
02:41pm 02/10/2003
  Well I fixed my computer after 2 months of not trying to fix it. I'm so happy I could poo myself. Anyway, my mom's doing extremely well and her surgery is coming up sometime within the next week. It's confusing because I would think that they'd set an actual date. They're just like "Hey we'll give ya a call when we're ready and you just come in here. The great thing is whether they just take the tumor out or the entire breast it's in and out patient. Anyway, that's all I really have to say for now. I dunno if anyone even reads my journal. I guess you couldn't since It hasn't been updated in 2 months or so. One more thing Packers invincible! Bye bye  
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10:36pm 19/06/2003
  Chinese zoo stops allowing visitors to shoot animals 
A Chinese zoo has agreed to suspend its policy of allowing visitors to shoot some of its animals
The zoo, in Dandong, rented out rifles and allowed people into special areas where they could shoot the animals.
It was seen as a unique attraction to bring in more visitors but led to numerous complaints from animal lovers.
Zoo staff defended themselves, saying visitors were only allowed to kill unprotected species.
But they have now agreed to stop letting visitors shoot animals altogether, reports the South China Morning Post, quoting Liaoshen Evening News.
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01:42am 08/06/2003
  Something's happened in my life that's made me realize how small and insignificant my problems really are. So now I'm going to get off my ass and actually do something. It's weird how things can change in the blink of an eye.  
04:01am 09/04/2003
  "The people in Iraq are looting because they're embracing freedom."-U.S. Captian That's funny. Let's all go loot shit and say we're embracing freedom.  
Dan Rather you stupid bastard   
11:59pm 27/02/2003
  Why didn't Dan Rather just kill Sadaam? He'd get away with it and be escorted out by hundreds of american soldiers. I hate you Dan Rather.  
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Dare Devil and the Rockets game   
04:03am 19/02/2003
  I went to see Dare Devil today. I'm not overdoing it at all when I say it is one of the WORST movies I've seen. Even supa huge Michael Clark Duncan couldn't pull this movie out of the shitter.

Rockets Lakers game was a whole lot better than I thought it would be since shaq pussed out. I think he was scared or is pussy to pain. Kobe was basically using a cane the last half of the game. His knee WAS FUCKED UP. Anyway, OT 1 everything was fine UNTIL the bullshit call on Yao that made him leave the game. I hate that damn white laker guy so much now. Plus the obvious foul on Mobley's last shot in the last second of 1st overtime that wasn't called. Great game until the end when bullshit calls fucked it over. Oh yeah one question. Is Rick Fox black or what?
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10:58pm 26/01/2003
  Justin's commercial picks sucked ass. The Yao Ming one was clearly the best. Yao "Can I write check" Girl "Yo" *points at no check sign* Yao "No it's Yao". This repeats for 20 seconds. Followed by Matrix reloaded preview...that bitch that landed on the car and destroyed it was tight as fuck....plus ugly computer bad guy from first one returns. Then 3rd was the hulk movie preview.  
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stupid information   
11:30pm 24/01/2003
  So aaron asked me if I wanted to come up to fayetteville with him and I was tired so I said no. Then I thought about it and decided to ask when justin was leaving and everything and boom I get disconnected from dsl. I restart sign on and both of them are signed on so I'm like "Fuck". So I start asking people online if they know aaron's dorm number or justin's cell number. Brad: Hey do you know justin's cell number.. Nhan: no Brad: Well do you happen to know aaron's dorm number.....Nhan:no answer Brad: DO YOU?? Nhan no answer. So I start asking people like bao, and even emily but it doesn't work out...so I call information....and I make it very specific the number I want. Aaron Johnson Fayetteville...I even said HE'S BLACK...So I get the number call boom it's a white guy named Erin. Stupid fuckers I got charged and a long distance call for some other guy. Anyway, I'm giving up...Aaron leave your number here so I won't mess up again.  
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Too good of a game   
05:01pm 18/01/2003
  Rockets vs. Lakers......that was the best NBA game I've seen all season. Yao's complete domination of shaq in the first quarter. Those 2 guys were the main attraction but I had no idea Francis would have a game like that. 6/8 from beyond the arc....which is 75% OH YEAH DID IT IN MY HEAD BUAHAHAHA. 44 points in the end and that massive 3 that tied the game.

RE-ENACTMENT: *Francis gets ball. Fisher tries to block but trips over shaq's big ass foot. Francis scores.*

Anyway, I'm happy the rockets are winning. Yao doesn't have to score lots of points to win...unlike shaq with the lakers. When the rockets start using the offense through Yao rockets will kick massive amounts of ass. Oh yeah I finally got to see my team beat the one man I hate more than Michael Vick and Kurt Warner put together........SHAQ!!!!!! I'm not jumping no damn band wagon either...i was with the rockets back in the Drexler days......BUAHAHHAHAAH
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01:06am 12/01/2003
  So I voted for the NBA All-Star game. Thank goodness chinese people can vote for it too. Now I don't have to see Shaq's stupid ass dunking the ball the same way 200 times. Instead I'll get to see Yao Ming all 7-5 98 lbs. of him. Referee's suck ass (professionally) considering they get paid 6 figures just to look.  
11:59am 10/01/2003
  Hey aaron I tried to call you yesterday but I got a chinese woman. I forgot your number what is it?

I want to see "The Quiet American" but I think it will suck ass around midway through.

Which movie did Ving Rhames get done up the pooty shute? Pulp Fiction right?
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12:58am 08/01/2003
  I was 0-4 that sucked ass.  
Since joe was late   
02:10am 04/01/2003
  Well since joe didn't do it and I'm bored now I'll post my wild card weekend predictions. Oh yeah on a different note Willis Mcgahee (last name could be wrong) got FUCKED UP on that game earlier.

Colts vs Jets: I'm going with the Colts here. Sure the jets have the momentum, but Manning will destroy them with massive passing abilities. Harrison is faster than what the Jets can throw at him too.

Giants vs 49ers: I'm saying giants only because I saw the highlight footage of Shockey running over that one guy. Oh yeah I also hate Terrell Owens. OOOH I'LL TAKE A SHARPE AND SIGN MY BALL WHEN I GET A TOUCHDOWN. Stupid bastard

Browns vs Steelers: Upset special...These teams had 2 games earlier this year and the browns lost both by a few points. Browns don't have their starting qb but Tommy maddox is a spinal injured bitch. (plus I hate the steelers)

Falcons vs Packers: It's kind of obvious here but I'm going with the Packers. Mainly because the Packers played them earlier this year and won. So he has no suprises left to bust out. I look for Kabeer to spy his ass and destroy him at the slightest movement. Plus the fact that the Packers haven't lost a playoff game in NFL history.
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12:58pm 31/12/2002
  So I can connect now. Anyway, I played seth in madden yesterday and I threw for a thousand yards with favre. IT'S ASTRONOMICAL!

"You get your gangs of New York and I'll get my gangs of New York"- Gangs of New York
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damn bastard   
02:17am 26/12/2002
  My modem fucked up because RCA dog knocked it on the ground. So now we're gonna send it back to get fixed. I saw the lakers game yesterday. SACREMENTO QUEENS SHAQ??? HOW ABOUT THE LOS ANGELES FAKERS!!!! Oh yeah that took me all of 5 seconds to think up. Anyway, I'll post when I have online capabilities again.  
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Almost crapped myself   
02:43pm 09/12/2002
  So I thought the packers were going to lose last night. First the fumble by favre then the interception. So we get a touchdown at the last minute and up us 26-22. So the vikings get desperate and throw a huge bomb that's intercepted by DARREN SHARPER!!! Runs it back to the 16 yard line. Game Over......OR IS IT??? Sharper down clock out but a couple of vikings are shoving this one packer on the ground being whiny bitches cause they lost. So the benches clear and it looks like it's going to be a huge fight but I guess they realized they all had helmets and pads on so it would have been the worst fight in recorded history. Anyway that one hovan bitch the kicked favre last time they played tried to start a fight with favre but a lambeau fan hit him in the head with a can....and he ran off like a bitch...I laughed so hard.  
10:07pm 07/12/2002
  I'm glad joe told me where the game was on TV.......That is the worst ass kicking I've ever seen.  
04:20pm 02/12/2002
  Why does every James Bond have an extremely hair chest?  
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Falcon's Quarterback   
01:18pm 22/11/2002
  I can't wait until this guy is injured. He's playing like he's in college. This guy is just asking for broken limbs or worse. Or when it stops working (which will be soon) he'll continue to do it and be kicked out of the NFL. Oh yes your time is approaching Michael Vick BAUAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHA!  
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04:48pm 17/11/2002
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